Blue Planet, David Attenborough and the war on plastic have definitely made an impact – recycling is no longer considered a bohemian activity and fast fashion is quickly becoming a term permanently buried in everybody’s dirty laundry. People and their attitudes to shopping are changing. Our recent survey reveals that nearly half of all Brits say their views on buying new clothes has changed in the last year. Gen Z and Millennial shoppers’ listed not wasting money, not buying more than they need and…Continue Reading “How we can pull the reigns on fast fashion”

Our year together   2019 was a year of growth here at ihateironing, one which wouldn’t have been possible without your continued love and support.   Last year, we cleaned, ironed and delivered (amongst many other services) over 1.7 million items for our loyal customers, all with the utmost care. No matter how much we continue to grow, we still aspire to treat each and every item as if it was our only item; with unparalleled quality, convenience and support throughout the entire order process….Continue Reading “2019 Highlights, 2020 Plans”

succeed with limited resources

The CEO’s insight on how to focus your efforts in order to succeed with limited resources. You have lots of ideas and numerous potential projects that you’d like to initiate that could improve your business and help you to grow. However, like 98% of start-ups and small businesses, financial and human resources are limited so you have to pick and choose where to focus your efforts. Determining what to spend your limited time and cash on is really difficult. We had a great example of this in…Continue Reading “How to succeed with limited resources”

optimise your productivity

The CEO’s insight on how to optimise your productivity, both in the workplace and out. Most start-ups I know have embraced and embedded a data-driven culture. The effectiveness of new product features and marketing channels are rigorously tested and quantified before being rolled out. Then once adopted they are subjected to ongoing data driven optimisations. It seems we’ve used this data driven approach to optimise the performance of nearly every aspect of our businesses. However, there is one glaring omission, something that has a bigger impact on…Continue Reading “Optimising Your Productivity”

ihateironing blog makeover

The Founder & CEO of ihateironing, Matt Connelly explains his unique business perspective Consistently people comment on how friendly and attentive the drivers and customer service staff are, how great the clothes look and smell, and give little stories of team members going above and beyond. I thought it might be interesting to give a little back story into why our service is the way it is. My original idea for ihateironing was to create a dry cleaning and shirt service, with an added layer…Continue Reading “The Early Days”