ihateironing reusable covers

ihateironing reusable covers

At ihateironing, we are committed to reducing any negative impact we have on our environment. This is why, in addition to our Eco-slots, we’ve recently launched a new initiative to reduce plastic waste: ihateironing premium reusable covers.

Opt in for reusable covers for your next ihateironing orders

How does it work?

We can now have our customers items on hanger delivered in premium reusable covers. We can fit 1 to 5 items in each cover.

Does this come at a cost?

We’ll charge you £3.00 for each cover used to package your items, but we’ll give you the £3.00 back for each cover returned in good condition on your next order. So you’ll likely have an additional cost on the first order but not subsequent ones.

How do I opt-in?

Simply click here to join the initiative.

  • Our Customer Care team will receive your message and will add a note to your account.
  • You will then automatically receive a reusable cover on your future orders, when you have items that need to be hanged.

Together, we can reduce our usage of single-use plastic.

Kind regards,

Matt Connelly
Founder and CEO of ihateironing

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