ihateironing Reusable Covers Scheme in Brighton

ihateironing Reusable Covers Scheme in Brighton

At ihateironing, we are committed to reducing any negative impact we have on our environment. This is why, in addition to our Eco-slots, we’re replacing single-use plastic bags from our orders with premium reusable covers for all Brighton customers.

How does it work?

Your items on hangers will be delivered in premium reusable covers. We can fit 1 to 5 items in each cover.

reusable covers

Do I return the reusable covers?

In order to support us in maintaining a circular economy with as little plastic waste as possible, we kindly ask that you return the reusable covers with every new order you place.

Don’t worry – we won’t hold onto them! Every time you place an order with items on hangers, we’ll be sure to bring them in your reusable cover.

Does it have a cost?

We’re trying to make it as easy as possible for our customers to reduce plastic waste from their orders – and that’s why these reusable covers will come at no extra cost.

However, in order to make sure the process remains sustainable and cost-efficient on our end, we request that you return your covers with every new order.

Please note that this initiative is for Brighton customers only. For reusable covers in our other service areas, please refer to this blog.

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