2019 Highlights, 2020 Plans

2019 Highlights, 2020 Plans

Our year together

ihateironing driver delivers clean laundry in an ihateironing laundry bag to a happy customer

2019 was a year of growth here at ihateironing, one which wouldn’t have been possible without your continued love and support.

Last year, we cleaned, ironed and delivered (amongst many other services) over 1.7 million items for our loyal customers, all with the utmost care.

No matter how much we continue to grow, we still aspire to treat each and every item as if it was our only item; with unparalleled quality, convenience and support throughout the entire order process.

It’s no wonder our Customer Care Team was involved in almost 100,000 calls last year.

That’s more than 2800 hours, or 120 days, spent ensuring your every request is catered to, so you can still enjoy the personal touch of a local dry cleaner, but with all of our added convenience. 

Most importantly, it’s thanks to you that we’ve had the opportunity to give so many additional people the gift of time

We served 11,000 new customers last year, and we hope that’s only the beginning.

We also launched our collaboration with Brixton Library, helping unemployed residents look and feel their best for job interviews.

Our year ahead

We’d love to continue growing and helping change as many lives as possible, but we’d also like to focus on reducing our carbon footprint and becoming more eco-friendly this year.

In a world where half of all plastic produced is designed to be single-use (that’s more than 150 million tons yearly), it’s vital that we all do what we can to reduce our contribution to plastic pollution.

So here at ihateironing, we’re proud to be able to introduce the option to have your clothing delivered in reusable packaging, as opposed to single-use plastic.

More information will be provided when this becomes available in your area, but we hope this small change will go a long way in reducing our plastic waste.

Climate change however still remains one of the world’s most prevalent challenges, and that’s why we’re also introducing eco-slots.

Eco-slots are time slots available for collection and delivery which would result in the least greenhouse gas emissions.

These will be visible to you soon during the order booking process, both through our website and mobile app.

Finally, we would love to hear your thoughts down below, and look forward to serving you throughout the new year.

From the ihateironing team, thank you.