Our year together   2019 was a year of growth here at ihateironing, one which wouldn’t have been possible without your continued love and support.   Last year, we cleaned, ironed and delivered (amongst many other services) over 1.7 million items for our loyal customers, all with the utmost care. No matter how much we continue to grow, we still aspire to treat each and every item as if it was our only item; with unparalleled quality, convenience and support throughout the entire order process….Continue Reading “2019 Highlights, 2020 Plans”

ihateironing compiled 10 things about Dry cleaning you need to know. As a textile care specialist, a professional Dry cleaner has multiple key skills that you can benefit. 1. Dry cleaning is actually not a ‘dry’ process as it uses chemical solvents which don’t penetrate the fibres as water does. 2. The history of dry cleaning is a controversial one with conflicting stories. One being Jean-Baptise Jolly discovered the process in 1825 when his maid accidentally spilled turpentine from a lamp onto a table-cloth. To his amazement…Continue Reading “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dry Cleaning”

Laundry Symbols

Laundry Symbols Explained When you stare blankly at the laundry symbols on your most prized possessions does your head spin? Have you ever bought a beautiful garment, worn it, looked at the care label symbols and thrown it in the laundry basket promising a hand wash that never happens? We’re all guilty of speed reading the label and hurriedly throwing our favourite items in the wash at 30 in the hope that it will come out of the wash just fine, right? We know the feeling…Continue Reading “Laundry Symbols Explained: Ultimate Guide To Care Labels”

ihateironing delivery van

Did you know, it is incredibly easy to re-schedule your ihateironing order? It can be done in just a couple of clicks. If you have any issues with the below, you can always give our friendly customer service team a call on 0207 060 4939. Happy re-scheduling 🙂 Click the relevant link below for the steps: Re-scheduling on the Website Re-scheduling on Apple iOS Rescheduling on Android Re-scheduling on the Website Step 1: Login to your ihateironing account using the link below: https://www.ihateironing.com/accounts/login/ (If you…Continue Reading “How to re-schedule your order”

London Fashion Week SS17

10 Hottest Trends From London Fashion Week SS17 As Fashion Week draws to a close for another season, we round up the top 10 trends for Spring / Summer 17. From ruffles to patchwork denim, here are the styles that will be making an impact on your wardrobe in 2017. #1 MODERNIST UTILITY Introducing Modernist Utility, the SS17 trend spotted at the resort collections of Calvin Klein, Jil Sander and Jil Oh to name a few. Lightweight and belted are the only qualities that your summer…Continue Reading “10 Hottest Trends From London Fashion Week SS17”

How to choose the perfect white shirt

How To Choose The Perfect White Shirt The white shirt is the cornerstone of a man’s wardrobe.  Its elegant simplicity bears something few garments possess; it’s a canvas but yet, complete. The classic white shirt has been with us since our childhood years of wearing the school uniform. Thankfully, there are more options available to you now however your choice can make or break your outfit.  We recommend you start with 3 questions, weave, cuff and collar. WEAVE When choosing your perfect white shirt, understanding…Continue Reading “How To Choose The Perfect White Shirt”

Get a Good Night's Sleep

Why do we so often feel groggy, tired and stressed? Do you regularly get a good night’s sleep? Sleep better, feel better–it’s simple. “The trouble is you think you have time.” We couldn’t have said it better than Buddha. But we can help you take control of the time you do have, by learning how to get a good night’s sleep. We’re providing five simple ways to sleep better, make your sleep feel longer and make it feel like a full night’s worth (even if it’s not). You need this if: you’ve…Continue Reading “5 SIMPLE WAYS TO GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP”

declutter your home

Need help to declutter your home? “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” – William Morris We’ve all got that box, or closet or even room full of old and unwanted things that we haven’t gotten around to sorting and just don’t know what to do with. The things you own should bring you value–function, sentimentality, aesthetic, or otherwise. In a material culture, we’re used to being inexplicably attached to our possessions. But these attachments…Continue Reading “Declutter Your Home in 30 Days”

Jigsaw Puzzle Piece

5 WAYS TO ORGANISE YOUR LIFE “The trouble is you think you have time.” We couldn’t put it better than Buddha. But we can help you take control and pilot when your time flies.  Here are the five of the best ways to manage time, ease stress and organise your life. PRODUCTIVE PLANNING “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” One of the biggest misconceptions about planning is that it’s only vital for the the big things, i.e weddings, events, exams, etc. The…Continue Reading “5 WAYS TO ORGANISE YOUR LIFE”

row of shirts on hangers

Dry Cleaning might be older than you think….. Perhaps you’ll be surprised to hear, that dry cleaning is 1936 years old! Many of us may view dry cleaning and laundry as a modern convenience, especially in our increasingly busy lives. In a society dominated by technology and time constraints it’s hard to imagine that for hundreds of years, stains and dirt have been removed from our clothes using many of the same processes (albeit with different chemicals) that are still in use today. You have…Continue Reading “Dry Cleaning might be older than you think…..”