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Choose when and where you wish us to collect & deliver your laundry.

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We collect your bag, invoice and clean your items according to your requirements.

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We deliver your items cleaned within 24 hours and at the time required.

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Dry Cleaning Prices

Professional dry cleaning for shirts, suits, blouses, knitwear, dresses, and more.

Blouse - Dry Clean
Blouse (Silk) - Dry Clean
Children's Items - Dry Clean
$0.00 (Children's items will be invoiced at 65% of adult prices)
Coat - Dry Clean
Dress - Dry Clean
Dress (Evening/Delicate) - Dry Clean
Gown - Dry Clean
Jacket (Designer)
Jacket - Dry Clean
Jacket (Leather/Fur/Suede)
Jacket (Puffa) - Dry Clean/Wash
Jumper - Dry Clean
Jumpsuit - Dry Clean
Pajamas - Dry Clean
Pashmina - Dry Clean
Polo Shirt - Dry Clean
Scarf - Dry Clean
Shawl - Dry Clean
Shorts - Dry Clean
Skirt - Dry Clean
Sweater (Cashmere) - Dry Clean
Sweater - Dry Clean
Sweatshirt (Hooded) - Dry Clean
Three Piece Suit - Dry Clean
Tie - Dry Clean
Trousers - Dry Clean
T-Shirt - Dry Clean
Two Piece Suit - Dry Clean
Two-Piece Tuxedo
Vest - Dry Clean

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