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ihateironing: London's Best Digi Cleaner as rated by the Evening Standard

"London's Best Digi Cleaner"

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Dry Cleaning Pricing

Belt 12.5
Bed Throw (dry clean) 24.0
Blouse 5.0
Bow tie 3.0
Cashmere knitwear 8.5
Coat 14.0
Curtains - Heavy lined per m² 7.85
Curtains - Medium lined per m² 6.4
Curtains - Not lined per m² 5.0
Dinner Jacket 9.5
Dinner Suit 16.5
Dinner Trousers 8.5
Dress 10.5
Evening/delicate dress 18.5
Gloves 3.5
Hankerchief 2.9
Hat 6.0
Jacket 7.5
Jump suit 12.0
Jumper 6.5
Ladies top 5.0
Leather Jacket 55.0
Pashmina 9.0
Pleated skirt 9.5
Puffa Jacket 20.5
Scarf 5.0
Shawl 7.0
Shorts 5.0
Skirt 6.5
Suede Jacket 35.0
Three-piece suit 16.5
Tie 5.0
Trousers 6.5
Two-piece suit 12.5
Waistcoat 6.0
Wedding Dress 130.0
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Dry Cleaning Services for busy Professionals

Why choose ihateironing’s Dry Cleaning service?

As well as our great reputation with experienced dry cleaners across the UK, ihateironing provides a quick turn around and convenience for our customers.

What dry cleaning services do ihateironing provide?

We currently dry clean a range of items including blouses, bow ties, cashmere knitwear, coats, curtains, dinner jackets, dinner suits, dinner trousers, dresses, gloves, skirts, waistcoats and wedding dresses.

Feel free to query anything that is not on our price list with our customer care team who are available Monday - Saturday and can be reached on 0207 060 4939, as we may still be able to dry clean the item in question.

If you need a same day dry cleaning service in London, Cambridge or Hertfordshire it's available to you at the touch of a button. Simply place your order on the website or on our iOS or Android app 24/7 and we'll send a driver to your area within two hours.


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