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Shirt Pricing

Shirts are both cleaned and pressed as standard. We offer a press only service but it is our recommendation to both clean and press to ensure the highest quality finish. We do not offer a discount for shirts which are only ironed as opposed to laundering and ironing.

Dress Shirt - Wash & Press
Ladies Shirt - Wash & Press
Shirt - Dry Cleaning
Shirt (Folded) - Press only
Shirt (Folded) - Wash & Press
Shirt (On Hanger) - Wash & Press (8 or more)
Shirt (On Hanger) - Wash & Press (less than 8)
Shirt - Press Only

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Why is your iron only service not cheaper than washing and ironing for shirts?

Why are prices for shirts different in Oxford?

How long does it take for shirts to be cleaned?

Are the hangers that the shirts are returned on recyclable?

Are you insured against damage?

Can you clean any kind of stains?

Can you repair shirts as well?

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