Household Dry Cleaning

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Household Dry Cleaning Prices

Other items may be avaialble on request.

Non-lined curtains (per m^2)


Medium lined curtains (per m^2)


Heavy lined curtains (per m^2)


Cushion cover


Cushion cover (large)


Rug (starting price)


Sofa cover (1 seater)


Sofa cover (2 seater)


Sofa cover (3 seater)


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Household Dry Cleaning Service

Dry Cleaning services for your curtains, rugs and cushion covers.

Why chose our household item cleaning service?

It is important to keep your home looking fresh and one of the best ways of doing this is to clean household items that go through a lot on a daily basis. Here at ihateironing we can clean all manner of household items from curtains to cushions. 

We will collect at a time that is conveninent to you and deliver them back freshly cleaned and ready to breathe new life into your home. 

Our expert cleaners with many years of experience will take excellent care of your items, delivering the exceptioannly high standards of cleaning that we are known for. 



Do you clean black out curtains

Can you come and take the curtains down and put them back up again?

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