Shoe And Boot Repair

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Shoe Repair Price List

Ladies heel tip repair 9.5
Ladies rubber reheeling 12.5
Ladies rubber half sole 21.5
Ladies leather half sole 31.5
Men’s rubber reheeling 16.5
Men’s rubber half sole repair 26.5
Men’s leather half sole repair 36.5
Shoeshine 15.0
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Our Shoe Repairs Service

Are your soles wearing out, do your shoes have scuff marks you can't get rid off, have your high heels snapped? Worry no more.

If you require shoe repair services ihateironing is here to help, regardless of shoe size!

We provide a wide range of shoe and boot repair services for both men's and women's items including zip repairs and rubber sole replacement (resoling) as well as boot re-heeling.

Most shoe repairs are carried out in the shops by our official partners. Some more complex repairs are sent to a specialist repair centre where they are repaired by expert cobblers.

All of our standard shoe repairs require a minimum of 48 hours.

We also repair children’s shoes. Typically we charge 65% of the adult prices.

Our shoe repair expertise

Collectively our partners have decades of experience, aiming to go above and beyond to deliver the best results for our customers. Your items will be repaired and finished with the same professional standards that you would expect from brand new shoes. ihateironing strives to ensure customers are satisfied with the shoe repair service.

Please note, some items including leather, velvet, and suede shoes require specialist attention, which may take longer than the standard 48 hours and may cost more.

Our reputation is built on the quality of service, as well as personal attention to detail. Locations we currently operate in several locations including London, Oxford, Brighton, Peterborough, Uxbridge and their surrounding areas.

Why use ihateironing’s shoe and boot repair service?

In addition to our great reputation with experienced cobblers, we also offer a quick turn around and convenience for customers. Customers have the option of choosing the time slots that suit their schedules, in which items can be collected and delivered back to you.

ihateironing’s shoe repair process

Items are collected from the customer's doorstep and taken to one the shops in our network of partners. The shoes, high heels, boots or loafers are then repaired and delivered back to the customer at a time of their choosing.

List of shoe and boot repair services 
Boot - zip repair        
Ladies heel tip repair        
leather half sole repair
leather sole and leather half heel repair   
rubber half sole repair      
rubber half sole and rubber reheeling
rubber reheeling 


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