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We work with the best dry cleaners and cobblers in the city to provide high-quality shoe cleaning and repairs. We offer everything from professional cleaning for suede shoes and boots, to re-heeling and zip repairs.

Ladies Heel Tips
Ladies Leather Sole & Leather Half Heel
Ladies Rubber Half Sole
Ladies Rubber Heels
Men's Leather Half Sole & Leather Heel
Men's Rubber Half Sole & Rubber Heel
Men's Rubber Heels
Shoes - Cleaning
Shoe Shine
Ugg Boots

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How do you professionally clean shoes and boots?

How do you clean suede boots and shoes?

What type of services does shoe repair include?

Where are your shoe repair shops located?

Who will repair my shoes or boots?

How much will boot or shoe repair cost?

Does your shoe repair service cover leather and suede material shoes or boots, scuff marks, and the replacement of rubber soles?

Can shoe repair resize boots and shoes?

Can you shorten heels or make heels higher with shoe repair?

Can shoe repair shorten boot shafts or stretch boots?

Why should I choose shoe repair over buying new shoes?

Can an ankle strap be added to shoe repair?

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