Dry Cleaners Windsor: Meet The Masters

Dry Cleaners Windsor: Meet The Masters

Dry Cleaners in Windsor

Meet Maz, the master of dry cleaners in Windsor. With Maz’ meticulous attention to detail and high standard of quality, it’s no wonder he is Windsor’s favoured dry cleaners in Windsor. Read on to see why this is.

Childhood nickname: Maz is actually my nickname!
Best present ever received: A 5L bottle of Harrods champagne from a foster
Favourite snack: Vegetable Samosas
Often found saying: ‘Who wants a coffee?

Where have you come from and how did you get to where you are now?
(Laughs) That’s a great question. I studied textile engineering before I started working in the public sector but after I set out for a change of career I found myself back textiles care industry and since then I never wanted to leave. I started at a dry cleaners in Windsor that was established 30 years ago, the manager took me under his wing and here we are now, flying.

Why have you persisted with your dry cleaning career?
The previous experience I had in the industry made dry cleaning easier, I’m good at it so it only makes sense.

What 4 things must you have to be a successful dry cleaner?
You have to have to be able to channel the customer’s mentality, you also have to care for your customers and that means keeping them in mind at all times. I’d say you also have to be meticulous in everything you do because when you’re not you miss things and those details add up, attention to detail is key in this business. Time keeping is of course important not to mention your customer relationship. I personally go door to door to deliver and collect the orders for our dry cleaners in Windsor so I have first hand experience of what customers really appreciate and value from a service like ours.

What gives you the most satisfaction from dry cleaning?
I love it when I’ve finished an order and I spend that extra time adding the finishing touches. Actually no.. my favourite thing is when I deliver an order and the customers are so excited to open their order they do it on their doorstep and it’s written all over their face how pleased they are. Knowing how happy you can make your customers is what gives you the motivation to work harder.

Where has the work ethic come from?
I used to be a social worker in a very demanding environment, if you didn’t work hard it was very difficult to get the results you want.

Why do you think you have become such a successful dry cleaners?
Whatever I do I do thoroughly, I don’t compromise my standards and I never cut corners. I think that’s what has made me successful: meeting expectations in full.

In your opinion what do you think customers in Windsor love most about your services?
I think they love the timekeeping and the high quality service we provide.

How do you get the best results from your team?
I undertake every inspection of final finishing that every order undergoes. At the operations center I oversee every order  to ensure that they meet my high standards. My team are treated well and I think when you treat your team well you earn their respect.

What do you enjoy most when working with ihateironing?
I like the system, both the structure and technology of ihateironing. It’s perfect for me and so easy to use for both myself and the customers.

How much longer do you see yourself in the industry?
(Laughs) Until I win the lottery but I will probably still keep working at the dry cleaners in Windsor – as long as my health allows me I’d say.

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