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Dry Cleaners Battersea

Here’s a fast fact for you. The average UK person spends nearly 1 hour, 30 minutes per week on their laundry, from loading the machine, waiting for the cycle to finish, drying and then ironing. Now, what if we told you that we could sort all your laundry and dry cleaning chores for you in 30 seconds or less?

Since 2013, our customers in Battersea have been enjoying having that extra 1 hour, 29 minutes and 30 seconds to themselves as ihateironing have been collecting and delivering laundry and dry cleaning in the SW8, SW9, SW10 and SW11 postcodes.

With the help of our experienced dry cleaner in the area, Angie we can have your freshly laundered clothes back at your door within 24 hours of collection, or even the same day if you request!

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