Duvet and Bed Linen Laundry

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Duvet and Bed Linen Laundry Pricing

Bed Set - 1 Double Duvet Cover, 1 Double Sheet, 2 Pillow Cases (Wash & Press)
Bed Set - 1 King Duvet Cover, 1 King Sheet, 2 Pillow Cases (Wash & Press)
Bed Set - Single Sheet, Single Duvet Cover, 1 Pillow Case (Wash & Press)
Bed Spread - Heavy
Bed Throw
Blanket - King Size (Dry Clean)
Blanket - Small (Dry Clean)
Duvet Cover - Double (Wash & Press)
Duvet Cover - King Size (Wash & Press)
Duvet Cover - Single (Wash & Press)
Duvet - Double
Duvet (Feather) - Double
Duvet (Feather) - King Size
Duvet (Feather) - Single
Duvet - King Size
Duvet - Single
Duvet - Super King Size
Mattress Cover - Wash & Press
Mattress Protector
Mattress Topper
Mattress Topper (Feather)
Pillow Case - Silk
Pillow Case - Wash & Press/Dry Clean
Sheet - Double (Wash & Press)
Sheet - King Size (Wash & Press)
Sheet - Single (Wash & Press)
Sleeping Bag
Small Throw
Standard Bed Spread
Valance - Wash & Press / Dry Clean
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Laundry services for busy Professionals

Why choose ihateironing’s Duvet and Ben Linen service?.

In addition to our great reputation with experienced dry cleaners within London and across the country, ihateironing is focused on customer satisfaction. Subsequently, customers have the option of choosing the time slots that suit their schedules in which their items can be collected and delivered back to them.

What does the service involve?

Love the smell of fresh bed linen? So do we! Here at ihateironing, duvets and bed linen are amongst our most popular items for laundry. We offer a bed set laundry service for single, double, and king size beds. Our single bed set laundry service includes a bed sheet, a duvet cover and a pillow case. Our double and king bed set service includes a bed sheet, a duvet cover and two pillow cases. All items processed within this service are washed and pressed and will be returned packaged and placed inside an ihateironing bag

Service wash

If you do not require your items to be ironed, bed linen can also be included in a service wash. This involves a machine wash, tumble dry and fold. 

Please note that we do not air dry our items. Customers should ensure that any items given for service wash can be machine washed and tumble dried.

Duvets and more

In addition to bed linen, we can also clean your duvets, pillows, cushions, bed spreads, mattress toppers, valances, mattress protectors and bed throws. It's important to keep these items clean and fresh, so why not leave them in our capable hands? Please note, we require a minimum of 48 hours to process these items and they will be cleaned according to their care label. 


How long does it take for bed linen to be cleaned?

Can you clean any kind of stains?

Where are the items cleaned?

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Can bed linen be included in a Service Wash?

How long does it take to clean a duvet?

Can I trust you with my bed linen?

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