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The recipient chooses what items/service they use from dry cleaning, shirt service, laundry or ironing
ihateironing: The very best cleaning and pressing in the business.
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How it works

When you’ve chosen and bought a gift we’ll email you a beautiful printable gift voucher.
You can print out the voucher to give to the lucky person or send to them by email.
The lucky person enters their unique code when ordering online and the amount of the gift is credited their account.
The gift is valid for 2 years and can be used over unlimited orders going forward.

About ihateironing

We don’t like ironing very much. We figured we’re not the only ones who feel this way, and some things are simply done better when left to the experts.

That’s how we initially started ihateironing: we’d take away the hassle of doing runs to the dry cleaner’s by starting an online service. But that’s not why we’re the biggest on-demand clothes care service in the UK. We’ve set out to significantly improve quality and service. So, rather than going for quick and dirty solutions involving mass-processing centres, we’ve carefully selected the very best dry cleaners in every area we service.

This gives us 4 advantages: they collect and deliver fast, because they’re only down the road. They’re your neighbours, and they take pride in friendly and personal service. You’re supporting local businesses (this is good for the economy, your area and the environment). And last but not least: you get the best care for your clothes.