I Hate Mistakes: Getting better for you

I Hate Mistakes: Getting better for you

As a growing business, we rely on your feedback to help us get better. I wanted to share a bit more about how we do it:

We distil all the feedback that we receive through surveys, and our Customer Care Team. While 85-90% of the feedback is really positive, we usually have just over 10% that points to things we can improve. 

Our Customer Care Team monitors feedback we receive from every single ihateironing order.

If we see recurring issues about a part of our service that our customers feel we need to do better, we look much more closely at the data.

A recent example is that we’ve received some feedback from a few customers telling us that they’ve had incorrect invoices. If you are overcharged in terms of the weight of your service wash, customers tell us they lose trust in the service and have to weigh items themselves for each order. If the completely wrong items are on the invoice, they might lose trust that the correct items will be returned.

Nothing is more important than the trust of our customers, and so we need to find a solution.

Looking across the board – diving into the data

To take this matter forward we will now look more closely at the data.

First we look at the company wide data. The graph is pointing in the wrong direction. 1.2% of invoices were incorrect in the first quarter of the year and now it’s gone up to over 2%. Not good. We don’t want to just get bigger we want to get better.

Overview of our issues in the last year

Next we look closely at the data to see if it’s an issue with a particular cleaning centre, or if it’s a bigger issue across the board.

Incorrect invoices in our 6 largest cleaning centres

We’ve deduced that the variance between the centres isn’t huge. It means we have a problem that we need to fix globally.

Next time we’ll look at what steps we’ve put in place to fix this issue.

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