On your wedding day you should look like yourself at your most beautiful

It’s often said beauty is in the simplicity, the effortlessly flawless, the things that most of us overlook. The white of a smile, the curve of lips, the twinkle of an eye. We know how much effort has gone into choosing the right wedding dress so it’s only right we make it perfect so you can look and feel the most beautiful on your big day.

We have the expertise and experience to clean, press and preserve your precious gown to ensure that anyone graced with it’s beauty will be breath taken from every angle, camera flash and photograph in years to come.

Our bridal gown specialists will thoroughly inspect your dress and pay careful attention to any special requirements you have requested. They will then treat any stains, blemishes or imperfections and make any necessary repairs or alterations followed by the most delicate of dry cleans that both cleanses and protects your gown for a gorgeous gleam.

An expert will then hand press your dress to ensure any ruching, ruffles, folds, pleats and peplums are held in place and the shape is sleekly set and smoothed to fit your figure. Once a final quality inspection is carried out to ensure all customer care specifications are adhered to and we’ve exceeded our high standard of excellence, your gorgeously gleaming gown is wrapped in acid free tissue and delicately folded in an elegant presentation box.

Wedding dresses typically take between one and two weeks to clean to our standard of quality and costs range from £95 to £195. If you book a collection using the form below we will collect your dress and confirm the cost with you before proceeding with your order.

For a flawless finish let us add the finishing touches to your wedding dress and make our magic on the most important dress you'll ever wear. You deserve it.

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