Laundry services

Laundry today or naked tomorrow

ihateironing only works with providers who use the very best detergents and conditioners, we also cater to our sensitive skin customers who require delicate detergent and sensitive softeners and our industry trusted quality machines ensure that your clothes come back both smelling and looking amazing.

For domestic customers who are fed up of spending their weekends going through the rigmarole of ‘putting a load on’ before hanging their clothes outside and checking the sky every 10 minutes in fear of rain, we see you. For those whose apartments have now become overrun with clothes horses and whose outfit decisions lay solely on the statement “if it dries in time”, we hear you. For those who dare to take their top off the rack and dun dun dun… the dreaded smell of damp, we smell you. Laundry loathers have no fear ihateironing is here! We provide a wonderful wash and fold service that assures you’ll never need nor want to use the washing machine again. All clothes are divided into like colors and given a wash suited to the material and garment care requirements before they are neatly folded drawer ready and delivered to your door.

We also provide laundry services for bedding, blankets and throws allowing you to enjoy the feeling of fresh crisp hotel bedding in your own home. Please be warned - This is highly addictive!

Alongside these hugely popular laundry services we also offer laundry of duvets and all other household items.

For businesses we clean towels, workwear, promotional clothing, uniforms and linen. Please call us to inform of any requirements.