Garment Care

We know you care about your clothes, that’s why you’ve entrusted us professionals to treat, clean and press your garments and restore them back to life. Whether it’s your weekly laundry load or dry cleaning for a special occasion, we’ve explained how the magic is done behind the doors of our cleaning centres and what it is we do to make you fall back in love with your garments.

Our Eight Steps of Care

1. Tagging

As soon as your order arrives at our cleaning centre the very first thing we do is add unique identification tags. This ensures your garments are traceable throughout the entire cleaning process guaranteeing your order will never be misplaced. These unique identification tags contain any special requirements you’ve requested and stay on your clothes right until they are returned to you.

2. Inspection

Your items will now be individually inspected by an expert who will identify any stains to be removed, repairs to be carried out or possible risks involved in cleaning an unusual material. Our industry expert will then pay careful attention to the label, care instructions and fabric specifications before deciding the best way to clean treat and press your garment.

3. Minor repairs

If our operation team notice any major repairs that will incur any additional cost we will contact you for approval before proceeding. For minor repairs our operations team’s tailor will often go ahead and repair them for you.

4. Stain Removal

Our expert dry cleaners will use a technique they call “spotting” in order to pre-treat any stains or marks. The exact treatment used will be bespoke to the stain and specific to the fabric to further protect your garment in the cleansing process while achieving the best results.

5. Cleaning

Based on the combination of the care label and the cleaning specialist’s knowledge, garments are then dry cleaned or laundered in the respective machine. Solutions are specifically selected in accordance to the fabric care requirements and customer skin care concerns. For laundering, only the very best powders and the finest softeners are used and for dry cleaning, only the purest of solvents are selected in order to enhance the lifespan of your garments.

6. Pressing

Pressing is a craft in itself. Our specialist pressers take tremendous pride over the finishing of all items under their care. Not only do our cleaning centres host our specialists but they also house a collection of expert recommended and industry trusted professional pressing equipment that ingeniously shapes, straightens and presses your items before our specialists give their finishing hand press.

The sharpest of creases and crispest of finishes is the hallmark of the craftsmen that work with ihateironing.

7. Inspection

The master cleaner in each of our Operation Centres carry out inspections on your orders to ensure our quality standards are adhered to across the process and customer expectations are surpassed every time.

8. Packaging

Finally your garments are protectively packaged on their specific hangers to reinforce and maintain the shape. Once sealed, your order is immaculately kept throughout the journey back to your wardrobe.