Frequently Asked Questions

Your First Collection

I’ve booked the evening slot and I might not be home by 7.00pm, what should I do?
Don't worry, just reply to your reminder text message asking us to deliver after 8:00pm or another day.
Can I trust you with my clothes?
You certainly can, and over a thousand people do. All of our drivers and cleaners are subject to extensive testing and training and we have robust systems in place to track every item that is collected by ihateironing.
What should I put my clothes in to?
You can just put your clothes in to any bag for the first collection. We’ll then give you one of our nice laundry bags for future collections.
What do I do if I have any special requests?
You can discuss them by calling the office or talk to one of the drivers who are all experts in dry cleaning and laundry.
Do I need to separate my laundry?
If you want more than one service, please separate items by category (dry clean, wash and press, wash and fold, press only).

Our Service

Why are women’s shirts more expensive than men’s shirts?
We’ve invested in the latest technology for pressing men’s shirts in most of our cleaning centres as they are our most popular items which means we can do them 50% quicker than ladies' shirts.
Where are you based?
We have offices in Brixton and Putney and a network of cleaning centres across the country.
Can you collect from my work address?
We certainly can.
Are my clothes insured?
Yes, ihateironing full insures your clothes so you can have complete peace of mind.
How long does it take?
We deliver next day as standard, you can even order for same day delivery as long as you get your order in before 10am in the morning
Do you do alterations and repairs?
Yes, we can do all minor and major repairs. Just show the driver what you’d like to be done on collection.
Do you do shoe repairs?
Yes, we operate a shoe repair service in many areas. Please check with Customer Service about your own area.
What if I am running late for a collection/delivery?
Just reply to your reminder text message and let us know how late you’ll be and we’ll work from there.


How can I get free dry cleaning?
Tell your friends about us and for each person you tell, we’ll give you £10 of ihateironing credit. They’ll also get £10 off their first order.
Is payment secure?
Yes. Payments are absolutely secure we don’t store your details, everything is handled by Stripe and Gocardless.
How does payment work?
We send you an itemised bill after every order. Once you have set up an account this amount is debited from your account a couple of days after delivery.
Can I pay by cash?
No, we don’t accept cash payment anymore.
Do you have a minimum order spend?
Yes £20. If your items are less than £20 we will top up to £20 to cover the cost of collection and delivery.
Will I get a receipt?
Yes we’ll email you an itemised receipt when we’ve counted the garments - usually within 3 working hours of collection.
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