Video Requirements (USA)

Video Requirements (USA)

How to Record Videos of the Items

You’ll need to take 5 short videos. Please make sure they match the video examples below and show all the items with and without the packaging:

For the items on hangers: 

Items on Hangers with Packaging
Items on Hangers without Packaging

For the Folded Items:

The Laundry Bag
Folded Items with Packaging
Folded Items without Packaging

Sending the videos:

Once they are ready, simply send them to +44 7507 974240 via WhatsApp with the following message:

“My email is ………. and I’m a mystery shopper. Here are my 5 videos.”


Videos should follow the examples given and be clear, in focus and with good light. They’ll need to show the bag and all the items with and without packaging. Otherwise they may not pass our quality control and we may not be able to issue the Credit/Refund.