Pricing List

Pricing List

Please note:

  • This pricing list include new item prices only.
  • The items that aren’t affected by the price increase are not included in the below list.
  • All new item prices will be updated on our website once applicable, on the 3rd of November.

Dry Cleaning

Blouse (price unchanged)$8.50
Bow Tie$4.75
Cashmere sweater (price unchanged)$12.00
Dinner Jacket$13.75
Dinner Suit$25.50
Dinner Trousers$12.25
Evening/Delicate Dress (price unchanged)$32.00
Hooded Sweatshirt$16.50
Outer Jacket$22.00
Polo Shirt$6.25
Ski Gloves$21.00
Ski Hat$10.75
T-shirt (price unchanged)$6.50
Trousers (price unchanged)$9.00
Two-piece suit (price unchanged)$17.50

Household textiles

Blinds per ft^2$6.75
Chair Cover$13.25
Chair Cover – Double$41.00
Curtains – Heavy Lined per ft^2$1.17
Curtains – Medium Lined per ft^2$0.92
Curtains – Non-lined per ft^2$0.72
Futon Cover$36.00
Napkin (less than 10)$2.40
Napkin (10 or more)$1.65
Sofa Cover (1 Seater)$23.50
Sofa Cover (2 Seaters)$37.50
Sofa Cover (3 Seaters)$51.50
Table Cloth$10.50
Table Cloth long$27.00
Table Mat$4.80
Tea Cosy – Wash & Press$6.25
Tea Towel$1.10
Towel – Hand$1.65

Shirt Service

Shirt (Folded) – Wash & Press$4.80
Prices unchanged:
Ladies Shirt – Wash & Press$5.75
Shirt (on Hanger) – Wash & Press – 10 or more$3.00
Shirt (on Hanger) – Wash & Press – less than 10$3.50
Shirt – Dry Cleaning$7.95
Shirt – Press Only$3.50

Laundry Services

Apron – Wash & Press (price unchanged)$6.00
Bikini – Wash & Press$6.25
Dress shirt – Wash & Press$4.75
Gloves – Wash & Press$7.25
Jeans – Wash & Press $7.00
Jumpsuit – Wash & Press$12.25
Robe – Wash & Press$8.75
Service Wash (Wash, Dry & Fold) Additional Lb above 10Lbs$2.00
Service Wash (Wash, Dry & Fold) Up to 10 Lbs $19.20
Sweater (price unchanged)$6.00
T-shirt (price unchanged)$4.50
Trousers (price unchanged)$6.00
Underwear (price unchanged)$1.50

Duvet and Bed Linen

Bed Set – 1 Duvet Cover, 1 Sheet, 2 Pillow Cases (Queen)$37.50
Bed Set – 1 Duvet Cover, 1 Sheet, 2 Pillow Cases (King)$41.00
Bed Set – 1 Duvet Cover, 1 Sheet, 2 Pillow Cases (Full)$33.95
Bed Set – 1 Duvet cover, 1 Sheet, 1 Pillow Case (Twin)$30.00
Bed Spread – Heavy$30.50
Bed Throw$36.00
Blanket – King Size (Dry Clean)$30.50
Blanket – Small (Dry Clean)$15.00
Duvet Cover – Queen Size (Wash & Press)$17.50
Duvet Cover – King Size (Wash & Press)$19.50
Duvet Cover – Twin (Wash & Press)$13.50
Duvet Cover – Full Size (Wash and Press)$15.50
Comforter (Feather) – Queen Size$43.75
Comforter (Feather) – King Size$45.75
Comforter (Feather) – Twin Size$31.50
Comforter (Feather) – Full Size$41.00
Comforter – King Size$40.00
Comforter – Queen Size$38.75
Comforter – Twin Size$26.75
Comforter – Full Size$34.75
Mattress Cover – Wash & Press$18.50
Mattress Protector$23.50
Mattress Topper$37.50
Mattress Topper (Feather)$51.50
Pillow Case – Silk$6.50
Pillow Case – Wash & Press/Dry Clean$5.50
Sheet – Queen Size (Wash & Press)$16.00
Sheet – King Size (Wash & Press)$18.00
Sheet – Twin Size (Wash & Press)$12.00
Sheet – Full Size (Wash and Press)$14.00
Sleeping Bag$23.50
Small Throw$26.00
Standard Bed Spread$23.50
Valance – Wash & Press / Dry Clean$14.25
Yoga Blanket – Dry Clean$11.75
Yoga Bolster Cover – Wash & Press$10.25

Alterations & Repairs

Coat Lining Repair$52.00
Curtains Shortening$44.50
New Zip (0″ to 10″)$20.50
New Zip (10″ to 30″)$41.00
New Zip (30″+)$61.00
Re-hem – Dress/Skirt/Coat$17.00
Skirt Shortening$24.75
Sleeve Lengthening$32.00
Sleeve Shortening$32.00
Top Shortening$16.50
Trouser Lengthening$15.00
Trouser Shortening$21.00
Trouser Tapering$36.00

Specialist items

Leather/Suede Jacket$67.00
Canada Goose Coat$82.00
Moncler Jacket$82.00

Ironing – Press Only

Blouse (price unchanged)$5.00
Duvet Cover – Full Size$12.40
Duvet Cover – King Size$15.60
Duvet Cover – Queen Size$14.00
Duvet Cover – Twin Size$10.80
Dress (price unchanged)$10.00
Sheet – Full Size$11.20
Sheet – King Size$14.40
Sheet – Queen Size$12.80
Sheet – Twin Size$9.60
T-shirt (price unchanged)$3.50
Table Cloth$8.40
Trousers (price unchanged)$5.00