ihateironing: Mike, one of our master cleaners

Soho Dry Cleaning Mike is the master of our Soho dry cleaning centre and has been with ihateironing since 2014. What makes Mike one of the most experienced dry cleaners in London? We stole ten minutes from his day so he could tell all! Embed from Getty Images Childhood nickname: Gudu Best present ever received: A watch Favourite snack: Popcorn Can often be found saying: ‘Thank you’ What’s brought you to where you are now? I moved to London around 14 years ago and the first job…Continue Reading “Soho Dry Cleaning: Meet The Masters”

London Fashion Week SS17

10 Hottest Trends From London Fashion Week SS17 As Fashion Week draws to a close for another season, we round up the top 10 trends for Spring / Summer 17. From ruffles to patchwork denim, here are the styles that will be making an impact on your wardrobe in 2017. #1 MODERNIST UTILITY Introducing Modernist Utility, the SS17 trend spotted at the resort collections of Calvin Klein, Jil Sander and Jil Oh to name a few. Lightweight and belted are the only qualities that your summer…Continue Reading “10 Hottest Trends From London Fashion Week SS17”

How to choose the perfect white shirt

How To Choose The Perfect White Shirt The white shirt is the cornerstone of a man’s wardrobe.  Its elegant simplicity bears something few garments possess; it’s a canvas but yet, complete. The classic white shirt has been with us since our childhood years of wearing the school uniform. Thankfully, there are more options available to you now however your choice can make or break your outfit.  We recommend you start with 3 questions, weave, cuff and collar. WEAVE When choosing your perfect white shirt, understanding…Continue Reading “How To Choose The Perfect White Shirt”

Jigsaw Puzzle Piece

5 WAYS TO ORGANISE YOUR LIFE “The trouble is you think you have time.” We couldn’t put it better than Buddha. But we can help you take control and pilot when your time flies.  Here are the five of the best ways to manage time, ease stress and organise your life. PRODUCTIVE PLANNING “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” One of the biggest misconceptions about planning is that it’s only vital for the the big things, i.e weddings, events, exams, etc. The…Continue Reading “5 WAYS TO ORGANISE YOUR LIFE”

row of shirts on hangers

Dry Cleaning might be older than you think….. Perhaps you’ll be surprised to hear, that dry cleaning is 1936 years old! Many of us may view dry cleaning and laundry as a modern convenience, especially in our increasingly busy lives. In a society dominated by technology and time constraints it’s hard to imagine that for hundreds of years, stains and dirt have been removed from our clothes using many of the same processes (albeit with different chemicals) that are still in use today. You have…Continue Reading “Dry Cleaning might be older than you think…..”

Kingston Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaners in Kingston If you are looking for dry cleaners in Kingston, our man Moss is the master. With quite literally a global outlook (read on to find out more) Moss is one of our most experienced dry cleaners. Not wanting to drag him from his busy schedule for too long, ihateironing caught up with Moss at his dry cleaners in Kingston to iron out the secrets behind his success.  Embed from Getty Images How did you get to where you are now? Before becoming a dry…Continue Reading “Dry Cleaners in Kingston: Meet the Masters”

Windsor Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaners in Windsor Meet Maz, the master of dry cleaners in Windsor. With Maz’ meticulous attention to detail and high standard of quality, it’s no wonder he is Windsor’s favoured dry cleaners in Windsor. Read on to see why this is. Embed from Getty Images Childhood nickname: Maz is actually my nickname! Best present ever received: A 5L bottle of Harrods champagne from a foster Favourite snack: Vegetable Samosas Often found saying: ‘Who wants a coffee? Where have you come from and how did you…Continue Reading “Dry Cleaners Windsor: Meet The Masters”

Kensington Dry Cleaners

Kensington Dry Cleaners If you are looking for an expert Kensington dry cleaners service our local partner Hossein is one of the best in the business!  With a decade’s worth of industry experience you can be sure that your garments will be in the hands of an professional with passion for quality. When he’s not indulging in a slice of chocolate cake he’s at his Kensington dry cleaners, cleaning and pressing to perfection. We stole a moment out of his day to get an insight into his ten years…Continue Reading “Kensington Dry Cleaners: Meet The Masters”

Canary Wharf Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaners in Canary Wharf Meet Arif, one of our master Dry Cleaners in Canary Wharf. With industry experience in tailoring, garment cleaning and specialist leather care, he has an eye for detail. In this post Arif shares his secrets to successful in the dry cleaning industry and who he owes it all to. Embed from Getty Images Childhood nickname: Arif is short enough! Best present ever received: A bottle of my favourite cologne from my wife Favourite snack: BBQ chicken Often found saying: ‘Yes Yes Yes’…Continue Reading “Dry Cleaners in Canary Wharf: Meet The Masters”

Maida Vale Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaners in Maida Vale Amit was born and bred in the dry cleaning industry and has a whopping 31 years of first hand experience under his belt. We stole a second with this skilled expert where he revealed his key ingredient to life (read on to find out more) and let us in on how all those years have added up to make such a successful dry cleaners in Maida Vale.   Childhood nickname: None ever stuck Best present ever received: A watch from my wife Favourite snack: Maryland cookies…Continue Reading “Dry Cleaners in Maida Vale: Meet the Masters”

Clapham Dry Cleaners

Childhood sweethearts Mukesh and Anji have been running their dry cleaners in Clapham for nearly a decade.  With multiple operation centres, a dedicated dream team and three children to pass the torch to, we take a minute with Mukesh to reveal the formula behind his successful dry cleaners in Clapham. Childhood nickname: I’ve never had one Best present ever received: My wife once surprised me with a trip to venice Favourite snack: Wasabi Pea Often found saying: ‘Let me tell you…’ Where have you come from and…Continue Reading “Dry Cleaners in Clapham: Meet the Masters”

Croydon Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaners in Croydon Ahsan has been in the industry since he was 17 years old. He has built up a huge amount of experience relative to his peers of dry cleaners in Croydon. Embed from Getty Images What makes him a master dry cleaner? It’s his knowledge, experience and dedication. After a long day servicing his South London customers we caught up with the man behind such a successful dry cleaning business. Childhood nickname: I don’t have one – everyone’s always called me Ahsan Best…Continue Reading “Dry Cleaners in Croydon: Meet the Masters”