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We held our inaugural Great ihateironing  Office Bake Off recently and we had so much fun, we’re going to make it a yearly event. Inspired by BBC One’s baking competition show, the Great British Bake Off, our version had all the same elements as the television show: talent, personality and of course drama. If you’re inspired to host your own office bake off, or simply want to impress the office versions of judges Paul and Mary (there’s one in every office), we thought we’d give you the scoop–and sprinkle!–of our…Continue Reading “5 Ideas To Win Your Office Bake Off”

Helen, Head of Customer Service, ihateironing.com

At the core of ihateironing’s values is our commitment to customer care. Our Head of Customer Service, Helen, explains why we have built the customer service philosophy we operate with. In short, we handle with care. “Our focus on customer service comes from the ihateironing values of integrity, quality and service that Matt originally created. Not only do we care about customers’ clothes, but we also care about them as well.” — Helen Blockley, Head of Customer Service What does customer service mean to you? In…Continue Reading “Handle with Care: 5 Minutes with Our Head of Customer Service”

hackney winter night shelter

We’ve recently volunteered our services to the Hackney Winter Night Shelter to offer clean bedding and linen to the homeless. The Night Shelter will run on Monday nights from 7th November to 19th December throughout churches in Hackney. Our Islington, Central and East London partners have agreed to help us provide laundry services to benefit the guests in need of a warm bed in the winter. A heartfelt thank you to all our customers who have participated in our initiative and generously donated used clothing…Continue Reading “Hackney Winter Night Shelter”

ihateironing blog makeover

Just in time for the new year, we have redesigned our ihateironing blog from the ground up. We’re bringing you a new look, new material–and most importantly, a new purpose. With the stresses and pressures of daily life, your life should be made easier. And we’re here to help. Here’s a rundown of what’s new and what to look forward to in the weeks & months ahead: NEW FORMAT: to optimise readability and give you the information you need in a visually appealing and user-friendly…Continue Reading “Redesigning Our Blog”

david bowie

ihateironing’s newest team member, marketing intern Alyssa Jaffer, shares her insight on all things ihateironing. When I picture my dream job, its perks would include the following: a cosy workspace with all the office supplies I could imagine games in the office with food as prizes warm colleagues that greet me at the door, write birthday cards and make tea fairy lights around my desktop days that zoom by a gym membership chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Great dream job, right? Here’s the kicker–it’s real. And I’m living it,…Continue Reading “Why I Love ihateironing”

Get a Good Night's Sleep

Why do we so often feel groggy, tired and stressed? Do you regularly get a good night’s sleep? Sleep better, feel better–it’s simple. “The trouble is you think you have time.” We couldn’t have said it better than Buddha. But we can help you take control of the time you do have, by learning how to get a good night’s sleep. We’re providing five simple ways to sleep better, make your sleep feel longer and make it feel like a full night’s worth (even if it’s not). You need this if: you’ve…Continue Reading “5 SIMPLE WAYS TO GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP”

declutter your home

Need help to declutter your home? “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” – William Morris We’ve all got that box, or closet or even room full of old and unwanted things that we haven’t gotten around to sorting and just don’t know what to do with. The things you own should bring you value–function, sentimentality, aesthetic, or otherwise. In a material culture, we’re used to being inexplicably attached to our possessions. But these attachments…Continue Reading “Declutter Your Home in 30 Days”